What we're about

-- 呢度會好即興咁開下events
-- 呢度啲活動嚟嚟去去都係約行山,或者唔係行山。平日夜晚可能會搵啲其他活動輕鬆下
-- 呢度搞既行山活動可能淨係預10個8個人玩,因為搵地方食飯同搭的士方便啲。所以要快啲RSVP.
-- 呢度唔會收錢 (除非要book場夾錢,或者你好想慰勞個搞手)
-- 呢度可能隨時摺埋,睇下搞手個心情

**如果睇完上面都唔介意的話,咁就 JOIN埋得閒去玩啦!**

N.B. 搞手唔係好有經驗人士,只係學過下山藝,同埋純焠鍾意行山/做運動
Sorry that I'm too lazy to translate all those words in English. But in short, this is a group mainly for leisure hiking....and maybe some other activities depending on the host's mood XD. You're welcome to join us even if you don't speak/read Chinese. I'll try my best to entertain you with my limited English.

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