What we're about

We are Susan and Daniel Blackthorn. The focus of this group is to help you bring the Old Ways into modern living.

Do you find yourself busy or with plenty of get-togethers around the Sabbats and turning points of the year, but often forgetting your spirituality in the busy times in between? Is it hard for you to get together with other people without worrying about whether you have to commit to some philosophy or fit into a preexisting group? We’re all about the practical needs of living and socializing and creating space for enriching the “ordinary” times we all share.

We will be offering meetings of interest to the general spiritual community as well as workshops targeted specifically to Wiccans looking to begin or maintain their practice.

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Foundation Wicca: Living the Wheel of the Year

Barnes & Noble

Being Wiccan

Barnes & Noble

We will meet and create a simple Yule item.

Needs a location

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