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The purpose of this group is to provide actionable digital marketing strategies and tactics small to medium-sized business owners, marketing managers, and entrepreneurs.

It is an educational style format run by David Peters, a leading authority on the subject with over 20 years of experience running a seven-figure digital marketing agency. He is also the author of The Digital Marketing Blueprint, which is currently being revised with new content for a November release date.

Each meeting will center around a time-tested, proven strategy that brings new leads, customers, sales, and foot traffic to your business. These strategies have all been used with David's clients ranging from Nationwide Insurance and American Express to small one-man (or woman!) operations.

The topics covered will include:
1. Automating your lead generation system
2. SEO (search engine optimization) to show up higher in Google searches
3. Building out "lead funnels" to move your prospective customers from the awareness stage all the way through to the purchase of your products and services.
4. How to use Facebook Marketing to generate interest in what you sell
5. How to use LinkedIn to acquire new clients/business.
6. How to create buzz and PR for your business without hiring an outside agency
7. How to run profitable Google Ads campaigns to generate a positive ROI without breaking the bank.
8. How to optimize your business for Google Maps and GoogleMyBusiness
9. How to generate positive reviews for your business on Google, Yelp, and other important review sites.
10. How to monitor your brand's reputation (and key employees) so that you can react in real-time if anything negative (or positive!) is said about your company

And SO Much more!

The goal of each MeetUp is for you to walk away with immediate, actionable intelligence that you can implement immediately to grow your business.

Most MeetUps will also include a Key Points Takeaway document or cheatsheet for you to take home so you know exactly how to implement the ideas being discussed.

David is a lifelong resident of Columbus and graduated from The Ohio State University. He is proud to call Columbus his home and loves teaching the art and science of digital marketing. Better marketing can make foundational difference in your company's growth and David is all about sharing what he knows.

Join us today and get ready to watch your business grow by leaps and bounds!

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