What we're about

A not-for-profit organization, A Community Interest Company.
Our staff all unwaged. Our aims, to build and develop a healthy,
creative community. Working with all ages to encourage self-awareness,
self-confidence, health and well-being. Providing local elderly people,
single parents, young people, those suffering lack of social contact,
restricted incomes, poverty, other disadvantages, opportunities to interact
in enjoyable environments, skill & life-skill workshops. We explore social,
economic, issues locally, explore solutions, ways to help. In our workshops,
to apply solutions, provide opportunities for young people, jobseekers,
those not in employment, education or training or financially disadvantaged,
to develop professional, social and artistic skills using Performing Arts,
Cultural Activities as alternative forms of education and recreation.
Inspire people to express their ideas, improve their talents.
We rely entirely on grants or donations.
Our teachers;- Qualified Dieticians, Therapists, Drama Teachers Artists,
Performers, Film-makers, offering courses, coaching, instruction
to local participants, to develop skills & life-skills.
Performing Production also provides volunteering opportunities
enabling volunteers to gain experience, employability skills

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