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Coping with Mythomaniacs
Expect good convo. No need to bring anything but respect for others and openness

Hawthorne Bottle Shoppe

2927 Central Ave · St Petersburg

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    The Coping with Mythomaniacs group (or, dealing with pathological liars group) is intended for those of us who are in relationships or recovering from relationships with partners who have a deep seeded problem with being honest and true. This is not a space for either tirades about people who lied to us or any sort of vindictive or vitriolic expressions, much less sexist or ethnic generalizations.

    We are aware that there is a difference between regular lying and more compulsive and pathological behavior stemming from entrenched psychological conditions. We are seeking to analyze with sympathy those that may have hurt us by lying to us constantly about everything from trivial issues to straight out cheating. We do this because we seek to be better human beings by learning and improving from some of our most difficult experiences.

    This is a space for those of us who are coming to understand the severe and profound psychological causes and motivations of compulsive deceivers. We also grapple with what our place is or was with them. Essentially, we try to deal with the betrayal and abuse against us through understanding. Whether we need to get away from the mythomaniac or help them, is a personal decision, but being alone through it is not necessarily part of that decision.

    Consequently, the Coping with Mythomaniacs group seeks to be a a place for individuals who's sanity and sense of self may have been tested, shaken, or disrupted by the intimate effects of a loved one's ongoing deception. It seeks to be a place to heal and find understanding in full knowledge that we are not alone or unique to this kind of experience. It is a place to reaffirm that our striving to be helpful and supportive of those that hurt us is not “stupid,” our sense of betrayal is not unfounded, and that our understanding goes beyond words or isolated deeds.

    Who knows, we may even laugh with each other, when possible and appropriate, as we grow from the stories we share.

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