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What we’re about

[Update] Dec. 4th, 2023
- Looks like around February for the new place to be ready and open. Sorry for the delay, thank you for your patience.
- It'll be under a new name, mainly because it won't be a bar or live jazz place anymore, but pretty much the same system as far as chess goes.
- will try to put a link here for the new place when that gets ready(website).

Wishing you well over the upcoming holidays, and a happy new year,

[Notice] Aug. 3rd, 2023
Cafe 52 will close for a while. It’s planned to reopen at a new location in the near future, and so this meetup group will stay open. Thank you all for visiting, best of luck, and see you again soon,

Casual chess meetup(unrated). All levels are welcome. For newbs: please acquaint yourselves w/all the rules prior to visit.

Special Features:

  • Four sets/tables, each w/clock.
  • When 5+ players, round-robin tournament(unrated) w/prizes.
  • The latest in smart chess board, DGT Centaur, and some chess literature available for extra entertainment and viewing pleasure.
  • Free score sheets available.

Participant reservations are limited to 9. (It's a small number so it'd be highly appreciated if only those committed to attending signed up. In case of cancellation, please opt out ASAP. Thanks!)

Participation Fee: None/One drink minimum. (All drinks are 500 JPY.)

Important Note
Cafe 52 is a smoke-friendly venue. Although the sections(smoking/non-smoking) are divided and well-ventilated w/extra attention to air quality, they are not partitioned. And it’s a small bar in the basement. So if you’re sensitive to smoke, you are advised to skip. No one under 20 is allowed.