Discursive Visualization for city data

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Hi all,

The vis meetup is back after a "summer" break! This session will host Tobias Kauer, PhD student with Design Informatics and his research on discursive visualizations for city data (see description below).

As usual, we're reserving some time/space for additional speakers on related and urgent topics. If interested, get in in touch with us.

Note that due to scheduling issues, we moved the meetup to Tuesday. For future meetings, please also participate in our poll and try to find a weekday that works best for all: https://www.meetup.com/meetup-group-vBHbCmgh/polls/1282173/.

See you at the meetup, bring along your friends & colleagues to the usual location: Inspace.
ben, brendan, uta & gordon

*Discursive Visualization (for city data)*

Data Visualizations are artifacts of a unidirectional creation and communication process: from the data source to the audience. The knowledge they convey is situated and partial, therefore a single perspective onto the data may not be enough to understand and represent the underlying issues.

Practices like data-driven storytelling, PPGIS and visualizations in digital humanities started focusing on the qualitative context and thick descriptions of local knowledge behind the data. However, little research has been done to figure out, how people express themselves within a visualization and how to foster this expression.

Discursive visualization therefore is an interdisciplinary approach. It goes beyond building interfaces that invite for the collection of context and local knowledge and works towards design pattern that expose multiplicity and not only allow for sensemaking, but for reading multiple truths in a visualization.

Building on examples from street ethnography and conflict data visualization, I will talk about challenges to build discursive visualizations.