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We do online events! Global Badass Goddess Community! Empower - Engage - Connect!

We create inspiring and empowering conversations weekly and monthly as we bring in a special curated speaker and topics with our Social Hour, along with our weekly Educational Events to spotlight our workshops and more.

We take time together to relax, listen, learn and share your truth boldly with joy, while creating inspiring ideas and connecting.

We host the following types of events:

*Educational Events with inspiring presentations by GBG and other experts pertaining to courage, empowerment, love, relationships. leadership, career, joy, family, being expressed and more.

*Social Hour - Creating Free Social Flow time for one's self

*Quality Music or Entertaining Experiences with Full Self Expression and Fun

*Inspiring & Uplifting Messages and support for causes that do meaningful work

*We always invite you to Bring your badass self to our events as an expression of fun, support for self and others, to be engaged and a little mischief! Be apart of women who make a difference!

Glenda Benevides - Founder, Global Badass Goddess Community Organizer, Activist, Singer, Song-writer, Good Human

Be inspired weekly with Global Badass Goddess video podcast interviews. Join us for empowering topics and inspiring conversations.


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Online event

PLEASE NOTE: THIS is an online event. You will need to register at this link here to get your zoom link sent to you via email.


Join Glenda Benevides Music & Global Badass Goddess for a conversation around empowering your life, performance live and behind the camera, unique self-expression and feeling confidence everywhere.

Founder of Global Badass Goddess, award-winning musical artist/songwriter, video podcast Global Badass Goddess, Glenda Benevides Music, and the author of Courage, Find The Fire and Ignite Action. She’s a seasoned entertainer of more than 30 years, which has launched an empowering artist workshop, private mentoring filled with hands-on breakthroughs to step into your unique powerful self-expression. Her extensive touring includes Asia, EU and the US with 6 albums and songwriting under her belt, she is now offering this exclusive one-on-one opportunity for you.

All Artistic people who want to express their self and talent effectively and move into the next level of their career, or life with Clarity, Courage, Confidence and Full Self- Expression. This allows for your core authenticity to embrace a greater success for, live and live stream performances or igniting your full self-expression in the studio or public speaking, interviews or just express to the ones you love more effectively.

Questions like…

Are you resonating inside your own frequency not someone else’s?
How do I embrace my Fearless originality & speak your truth?
Does performance anxiety stop you from having your best performance?
How to maintain boundaries with others and maintain love?
Are you ready to live a life fully self-expressed in all areas of your life?

Please join us now in this event to experience the opportunities and the good feeling that comes from being you and fully self-expressed, create expansiveness for our business, our communities and our lives.

See you there!

Hosted and presented by:
Glenda Benevides - Globalbadassgoddess.com

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