• Organizer Intro / Lets start Brain Storming!

    Needs a location

    I'm just gonna keep this up as I really like the ideas that stem from it :). So as a reminder This isn’t an actual event; this is meant to just start some conversation on things we should do. As mentioned this is a new group and I’m also new to organizing so I’m open to any suggestions! ———————————- Intro: To introduce myself; I’m Rachael, I’m 25 and I made this group to help me and others find people with similar interests that may not necessarily be common or interesting to most young people in the 21st century. As an old soul myself I have always made friends easier with much older individuals as I related to them more. The idea in this group is to try and find more young people such as myself that may appreciate what they have in the present but take a special interest in the past including its history, traditions, activities, values, etc. I may be a millennial and I may like my futuristic “toys” and modern conveniences but I take a special pride in my more...”vintage” interests. (Some of my interests are...but are also not limited to...) I love music from the 30s all the way to the 80s (But am particularly attached to Motown and doo-wop music from the 50s/60s). I love writing letters (or even writing just for fun) , practicing calligraphy, crafts, watching old movies, old styles of dancing (an some new), I like tea/coffee, take a special interest in dif fashion interests through time, and even enjoy good old fashion intellectual conversation without distractions or screens in front of my face. ———————————- Now that you know a little about me feel free to post in the comments a little about yourself and what you like (if you do so wish). Otherwise feel free to just post suggestions/ideas and help us figure out what we can do to better the group :)! Thanks again for joining and I’m excited to hear from everyone!!

  • Let’s Have Fun!!!

    Copper Blues Live

    Come on out to Copper Blues Live for some Live Band Karaoke!! If you have never sang karaoke with a live band, you are in luck because The Instant Classics do it right!!! They have an awesome song selection from different song genres. Keep in mind, they don’t play every song you find at regular karaoke. If you don’t sing, just come hang out and have a beverage. Many of the singers are quite good and the band is professional with back up singers, so you definitely get a cool music experience.

  • As You Wish

    Desert Ridge Marketplace

    I thought it would fun to meet up and paint some ceramics. I have already made a reservation for the set date. You will have to pay your own studio fee of $7.50 and pay for the pottery item of your choice. They are priced from $4-$50 depending on the size and type of item you choose. All the supplies and tables are provided. You just have to bring yourself and some money. Parking is free and there is plenty of places to eat there as well if you get hungry. Hope to see you there! :) Please let me know if you have any questions!