Lego Scrum City - Agile Game Night


Join us this Wednesday (yes! this Wednesday!). It's time to get together and play an agile game - this one is Lego Scrum City. We will use Legos to teach how scrum works. Players will team up to build a lego city using the scrum methodology. Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Standups, etc!

You will experience all the things that make scrum work - incremental and iterative development; transparency and alignment; experimentation; fast feedback; and having a potentially shippable product at the end of every sprint!!

You need ZERO understanding of how scrum works to be able to play.

Blueshift Innovation will provide pizza. Veriship has beer on tap. You may bring another beverage, there is a refrigerator!

Powered By Agilehood KC!

Note: These games are most appropriate for software development teams using Agile or Lean methodologies. Most of the learning could be applicable to other business settings!