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Guided Meditation Circle

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Natalie . and Samantha K.
Guided Meditation Circle


Please read all the notes below - Thank you

Meditation is a practice in which an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.

In this circle the focus will be on the voice of the person giving the meditation- A guided meditation ☺️

We will be meeting fortnightly and will focus on different stresses, thoughts, events in everyday life and how meditations can help cope with this.

The sessions will be held on zoom, links will be sent via email on the day. When booking please provide the email address you require the zoom link to be sent to.

Exchange is £6

Any questions please just ask


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The Spiritual Hub - A safe place to practise readings
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