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I decided to start this group because I wasn't satisfied with current Singles groups. Some groups I've seen seem to mainly go to concerts. How does that make sense? You can't really talk to the other people in the group at a concert. I want a group where the emphasis is on getting to know people.

I'm hoping to have a variety of events at different times and places. So if one event doesn't work for you, hopefully the next one will. I want this group to be a place where single people can meet other single people, and become acquainted. Whether you're looking for somebody to date, or looking for new friends and acquaintances, I hope you'll join.

Events--possibly once a quarter or so, we'll have a literature discussion. We'll have other meetings with a specific theme as well. If there is sufficient interest, we may do hiking or museum events. All events will take place in Co. Springs or Manitou. This is not a travel group. Regardless of the theme, I want people to be able to meet others in a casual setting.

If you're single and living in the Colorado Springs area, you should join. All ages are welcome. I want this to be a fun, relaxed group. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or suggestions.

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