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Hi There, welcome to the Action & Energy program.

I usually teach this program in Hong Kong, but are here in the UK for two months.

You do not need to be “sporty” and you do not need any previous fighting or martial arts experience. Any exercises we do will be tailored to your personal fitness and movement ability, and the methods of action are based on reflexes so it’s much easier to master than you might think.

Each lesson we will cover a part of the following syllabus.

De-escalation, disengagement, body positioning and body language.

Hand and leg strikes targeting the most vulnerable parts of the body.

From common arm, clothing, body and head grabs.

Knife, Stick and Gun defence. Includes how to use common objects in a self defence scenario.

I put great emphasis on posture and quality of movement. The class is not just about technique. The benefits of this are twofold.

Firstly efficient movement and good balance (the two go together) make performing the techniques easier and also makes them more effective.

Secondly good posture, and calm natural breathing have a direct positive effect on the mind. Clarity and ease of movement translate to clarity and ease of thought. That’s the bottom line.

Minimum class size is 2 people and the maximum is 10. Cost is £25 each.

The class will be 75 minutes in total.

In Hong Kong I usually teach in local parks and public areas and I was hoping to do the same here! If you have a safe space available we could also use that.

I am happy to answer any questions.



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