What we're about

This is a place of connection, care and change, created for everyone out there who wants to break free from self-imposed limitations and make a difference in their lives.


We all have unique gifts and talents that when they’re cultivated and shared with the world, give our life a sense of purpose and meaning. However, we often find ourselves stuck in patterns of fear, negativity, self-sabotage or unhealthy relationships that take away from those talents and distract us from focusing on the great possibilities that lie ahead of us.

The purpose of this group is to motivate, encourage and inspire as many people as possible to develop a personal growth mindset that will lead to a happy and fulfilling life.



Creative and interactive workshops aimed to enhance our emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Learning how to be our best and feel our best, we will also be able to give our best!


This group is intended to be a safe environment where members can openly share their stories and experiences, create connections with other people, and ultimately gain strength and knowledge.


Full sessions dedicated to answering questions and concerns along with guidance towards best practices and methods for solving problems we struggle with.


A series of talks focusing on personal development and advice designed to help us think of ways in which we can unlock our full potential and work towards achieving our goals. Invited guests will also share their work and discoveries.


Self-awareness and well-being group activities are tools that can help us connect at a deeper level with our core self, while doing something fun. From nature walks to wellness weekends and excursions, we will have the chance to take a “mindful” pause, recharge our internal batteries, release pressure and enjoy life!


Having successfully survived the storms that life has thrown my way and now happily divorced mother of two beautiful beings, Sales Director and Entrepreneur, I’m launching a series of workshops, trainings and individual sessions in order to empower and assist others to weather their hurricanes, find strength and clarity too stand up on their own two feet and create their peaceful, happy life.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need additional information. In the meantime, I’d love you to become member of this group and join us in the journey towards greater self-awareness and self-empowerment!

Maria Skitzis

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