What we're about

This is a group for adults who have Autism/Asperger's to meet together to talk, share, laugh and to gain strength and support from other people "on the spectrum".

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Let's do another zoom meeting for our autism group!

Online event

Current members, I hope to see you there. New members welcome!

In addition to friendly visiting, our goal of this meeting will be brainstorming future topics that we can focus on individually at future meetings. Examples might be: Autistic challenges. What are yours and how do you cope?, etc.

Please use this zoom link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/82522443919

The event is limited to 12 people.


> Video will be required to participate for the sake of the group.
> Anyone who prefers not to speak verbally is welcome to participate by using the chat feature and/or visual gestures (e.g. nodding, shaking head, "thumbs up", "thumbs down", etc.
> All chat messages should be set to "Everyone" to they are viewable by everyone. If a participant wants to private message another participant, they must first publicly ask the participant permission to private message. The other member reserves the right to publicly approve the request in chat, deny the request or not respond at all. The requestor should not take it personally if a requestee does not want to private message chat. The only exception to this rule: Participants may private message chat me to let me know if someone is private messaging them without first following the chat guidelines.
>Please mute yourself as a general rule unless you're actively engaged in a conversation.
>Please be mindful of time when you talk. Our goal is to give everyone opportunities to speak in the time frame allotted for the meeting.
>While our group does allow conversation on the topics of things such as religion and politics, our group isn't focused on either. If anyone in the group is uncomfortable with such topics it should be understood that the topic might be changed.

Past events (2)

Adult Autism/Asperger's Social Group Zoom Meeting

Online event