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Feminine Power supports women in their self-actualization process by amplifying greatness and brilliance in every woman. As women, we are different in every area of life: the way we relate to each other and others, the way we hold space for transformation and support, the way we amplify successes and normalize our failures, the way we rise and fall. As women we are in a constant flow of a feminine energy, creating from within out -complete opposite of a masculine (accepted) way of being in a world. So, there should be a feminine way of relating to women's needs and desires.

For this reason, Feminine Power principles were developed by Claire Zammit, PhD, transformational leader and teacher, creator of Feminine Power Academy, co-founder of Evolving Wisdom, LLC. http://www.femininepower.com

I have been using Feminine Power principles in my own life for a year and a half and now I am training to be a Feminine Power coach, facilitator and leader. During this time, I had transformed my life in a way that I could have never imagined. My personal relationships deepened to a new intimate level. I have unleashed my power from within and learned how to manifest my deepest desires into life. I broke through my inner glass ceiling of "not enough" and "invisibility" by letting go of old patterns that held me stuck in non-possibility and then creating a new way of being that is aligned with my true self.

My own transformation and growth had inspired me to create this group: where I invite other women into this process of transformation, where we can come together to support each other's growth in every area of life. I envision women's circles gathered every month for purpose of growth and transformation. Where we will dive into setting the growth container, establish shared commitments and each set an intention. Then, we will connect to our Feminine Power Centers that will help us to unleash our unstoppability and power and unlock our highest potentials by becoming who we came here to be.

I invite you to bring any items that are meaningful to you, such as crystal, stone or figurine, etc. to place on an altar to get infused with the energy of the circle. Also, have journal and pen available to write down insights, water bottle and wear comfortable clothing, we will be sitting on the floor - bring any cushion you need to sit comfortably.

Date March 21, 2020

To RSVP - message me directly.

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