What we're about

Showing you, what ever your background, how to reach your financial goals.
Guidance, education, support & INSPIRATION for wealth building

Most of us are too busy to stop and think about the future.
Financial freedom is a dream but not a reality for many.

The aim is to get together and discuss ideas for reducing debt, the cost of your living and then how to build income and savings.
What can you do now? How long will it take for me to be better off?

No one gets rich quick. No one gets better off without taking risk. You certainly will not get better off without hard work.

BUT how do you get on the road to being financially independant?

That's where this group comes in. We will offer the ideas and options, its then up to you to act on that and make decsions about your level of commitment and discipline that you are happy to use to get to your pewrsonal goal.

Area we will look at will include>

things you can do immediately for free
ideas that could change your lifestyle to adjust to start the process off
big changes and shifts needed if you are to redirect your financial situation
how to learn how to become better
how to take the right kind of risks that can lead to a better life
how to avoid typical mistakes

All are welcome, complete beginners to expert fund managers.
There will be short presentations by experts and opportunities to join in or just gather information.
Topics will include, investing (ethical / green / aggressive) and trading (organising your pension pot (my UK sipp is based in the US because UK sipp providers offer poor access to global markets).
Starting a business.
Starting a property portfolio
Alternative investments (art / wine / bitcoin / venture capital trusts)
Tax planning

Message from the founder, Mike Hamilton
A few snippets of my experiences..
I bought my first property when I was an undergraduate in a property hotspot - Blackheath village SE3.
I left art school and set up a business with international clients advising ftse level co.s at board level
I bought property in London Bridge before the jubilee line opened in the late 90s
I bought stocks on a value strategy mid 80s - sold 80% of the portfolio ( a few hours before Sept 87 US trade figures came out) 2 days before black Monday, bought another house
I bought Dot.coms in 98 / 99 and sold them all in February 2000
I now trade on the futures market (traded oil and beans in the last commodity boom when oil first ran up to $100 - what a ride that was.
I now run a trading room (and teach trading) - trading US and European futures - make my money in an hour and walk away. then I work on my investment portfolio.

My trading philosophy is based on timing of economic cycles and the technical style of trading as opposed to fundamental trading.

I speak at investor conferences in Europe, US and Asia (inc. Ukraine and Kazakhstan).


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How to plan to become financially independant

Online event

How to plan to become financially independant

Online event

How to plan to become financially independant

Online event

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