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***This is not a business networking group so please, do not join to promote your service, product, or business. This group is for adults personally dealing w/LD & their event guests only. Otherwise, you may be removed from the group. *Must be 18+ to join -Thanks!! ....

-😊Welcome! It's no secret to those in 'the know' that Lyme Disease can drag the energy, vibrancy, & simple joys of life right out the window. If you have been diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease or highly suspect after negative testing that you contracted the much debated malady; you may find it is difficult for friends & family to understand why you're just not the same bouncy person they once knew -any longer. Unfortunately, there just isn't enough awareness, yet.

How would they understand; if you're one of the "lucky" ones that is not confined to a wheelchair!? -For many, this disease is not visible. You put on a smile & try to ignore your symptoms on days when you are able to push yourself hard enough to make it out the door for a social event then, you get out there & people think- "you look like you're doing great, just have a drink & a slice of cake for goodness sake," they urge and they really do mean well.

I know the feeling all too well & hope to bring together a group of adults that can be social & share their experiences from which to gather strength. While personally, I am improving greatly I cannot forget the hurdles I've crossed and strongly feel it would be uplifting to get together with others on the same trek up the mountain.

It is my belief that the strength of our thoughts & intentions can carry us places we never imagined. I very much look forward to meeting, sharing, and encouraging positive moments w/fellow Lyme pals! ~Neisha (important membership & event details below)

«I hope this group will draw together a network of local people with LD whether managed or currently in a difficult stage. Spouses & adult aged close friends/fam (#2) are also welcome to join you at our events whether, they are trying to better understand your difficulties or have understood your misfortune from the start.

«I will ~try~ to keep meetups in locations where noises and other stimuli aren't too excessive because I know how sensitive LD can make one feel but my intent is to enliven the spirits and jointly experience "happy moments" amidst the difficult times so music & crowds may be a part of events from time to time.

**Any adults stating they are dealing w/Lyme Disease can join as there is no verification process. Therefore, sharing personal information with other members is at your own discretion. Also, this is a public Meetup group - please, be aware that your photo & group question responses are viewable by anyone w/access to the group page. -Thanks

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