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Meetup Travel Group
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Come hangout with us as we take thinking to another level. You, Youtube, and I (and many others) can help to complete the technique. We need each other!

We're doing a stream. It's of consciousness and a stream on Youtube (which means we can chat) while listening to lofi sounds in the background. Will you be coming?

Sometimes it's important to realize that we're really only one breakthrough away from becoming more of the person we really are meant to be. For some of us, that journey has led us on the path to just chill and chat with a receptive collective. Join our event not to watch but to be immersed in the sounds:

- Of lofi beatage with tranquil visuals
- In communication with other like-minded locals
- Bring your notepad to jot random ideas or your homework to finish

We're hanging out and you're welcomed to come in!