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Center for Inner Initiative

Come to Connect … Explore … Question … and Open to renewing perspectives on

• The Path of the Fourth Way

• Personal Transformation

• Science meeting Spirituality

• Becoming More Conscious

• Ancient Initiatic Wisdom

• Seeking Truth through Inner Freedom

In Downtown Littleton at 5594 South Prince St., Littleton, Colorado, 80210

Phone: 303-798-1800

Email: mail@innerinitiative.org

Website: http://www.innerinitiative.org

The Center for Inner Initiative brings together people seeking self-knowledge through the ideas given from various spiritual, psychological and scientific and spiritual traditions or paths. Newcomers and like-minded seekers welcome! The Center for Inner Initiative presents an eclectic range of traditions including Esoteric Christianity, the Western Initiatic tradition,Esoteric science, and the path of Fourth Way, among others. How can the ideas from these traditions be taken out of the "abstract" and be used to transform the daily difficulties of our lives, allowing us to create a more conscious connection to ourself and more conscious and harmonious connections to others in our families, our jobs, and in our community? At the Center for Inner Initiative, we meet for free open talks as well as regular group classes. At all open talks, there is a presentation of ideas followed by time for questions then informal discussion and exchange as well as socializing.

The Center for Inner Initiative is the educational arm of the Institute for the New Man which also includes our local charity, Friends of Man. For more than thirty-five years, the Center for Inner Initiative has helped participants seeking self-knowledge and a transformation of consciousness, and Friends of Man has assisted the needy with their material needs not only in our local Colorado community but across the nation.

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The Needs of Our Soul

Center For Inner Initiative

We are generally attuned to fulfilling the needs of our external life — but how aware are we, and how attuned are we, to fulfilling the needs of our own soul? Just as the body requires food, so our soul requires the nourishment that comes from feeling a conscious meaning, usefulness and connection to the moments of living. The Open Talk is free and runs about 45 minutes, followed by coffee and snacks, questions, informal discussion, and time to connect with other attendees.

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Relating to Myself

Center For Inner Initiative

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