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This series will take place at the first Wednesday/Thursday of the month and entail a mix of networking and entertainment, with food/drinks and fellow minded friends as well hands-on, real-life examples of Data Science and Machine Learning in action. We will be bringing together top-class experts and speakers to approach the grand topic of AI from different perspectives and fields.

The Event starts at 18:00 at ThoughtWorks Berlin and will be offering some food and drinks as well as lively (somewhat nerdy) talks.

The Topic this week: Machine Learning + Human Interaction

Confirmed speakers:

- Erik Pfannmöller ( Machine Learning in Support Chatbots)

CEO of Solvemate and passionate about AI, computers, and software, Erik combines special attention to structure and detail with the belief, that technology will have a real positive impact on the world.

As a serial entrepreneur, before founding Solvemate, he founded the eCommerce company Before that, He graduated from business school and was a world champion in whitewater canoe slalom.

- Alexander Hoffmann ( Machine Learning in Logistics )

Alex is managing director and co-founder of TNX Logistics, a software company developing AI for transport planning. He is an economist embedded in the tech world (There are few), personally interested in how ML can learn from social interactions and improve them.

Founded in 2016, TNX Logistics focuses on giving dispatchers the right tools to improve profitability by making better decisions. Before co-founding TNX Logistics, Hoffmann worked at Credit Suisse advising global B2B businesses on financing decisions and trained to be an economist.

Denzil Correa ( How to be Charismatic Data Scientist )

Senior Data Scientist at Bayer Pharma R&D. He has in the past given talks to aspiring Data Scientists, including one cohort of the DSR, about how to overcome some of the initial challenges in their journey.

He is a former post-doc researcher at Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS) with Krishna P. Gummadi and Ph.D (Computer Science) at IIIT-Delhi with Ashish Sureka.

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Shout out to the great people at ThoughtWorks for helping us with the organization and sposoring this event!