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Webinar: Transform your Business with Web3 E-commerce

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Webinar: Transform your Business with Web3 E-commerce



In a recent blog post, Financial Secretary Paul Chan remarks that "the next wave of breakthrough will likely be powered by Web3 and blockchain technologies," acknowledging the "new economic values" and "enormous business opportunities" that the Web3 era promises.
With the rapid emergence of new concepts such as blockchain, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), metaverse and virtual commerce, digital transformation will be inevitable for businesses worldwide. But where to start? How can SMEs leverage on these innovations and technologies to transform their business? How to seize the golden opportunities that Web3 brings?
TecONE will organise a webinar on the topic "Transform your Business with Web3 E-commerce" on 28 September, 2023. We are pleased to invite two Park companies to speak about the current trends in Web3 development and some of the latest technologies that can help SMEs grow their business. The webinar will also cover the Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) and how SMEs may utilise this funding scheme.

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