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Acting Practice for All Levels!
Put Emotion into Acting Interaction!

Gain the ability to quickly access your emotions with Emotional Preparation Technique. Build your own approach under the Meisner Umbrella. All types of Acting are welcome. It is a great thing to have practice working with all different Actors.

Basic Training Improvisational Based: This means, we do simple "In's and Out's" also called "Doors and Activities" Acting Exercises. We use Activities in Improvisations and Scene work.

This is a LIVE: ON CAMERA means:
You accessing your talent can be used to help get you work as an Actor.
Everyone is required to sign an entertainment release.
This will help you get work. All the footage to go live online and be viewable!

Basic Exercises Include:
Copious Improvisations
Improvisations towards scenes rehearsals
acting with Scripted materials
Practice Acting Technique

This is a fantastic Rehearsal for Any Actor wanting to have fun and be interactive.

Simon's Books Include: (resources also on website)
110 Classes Workbook of over 1200 Acting Activities
1200+ Activities for Actors booklet
Classes will be broadcasted live online at www.EmotionalPreparation.com and elsewhere.

Contact Simon with:
What times your available.
Likely action will be to set up a Internet Interview.

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