What we're about

Melanated Passports share a passion for cultivating new connections through domestic and international travel experiences. As a member of Melanated Passports, you will have access to a wide range of novice and advance travelers who are all excited to join and share dynamic travel experiences with each another.

**Melanated Passports mission is combining amazing off the beaten path travels along with being community service oriented.
Now there's a lot of amazing travel groups/companies out there, but what separates Melanated Passports from the others, outside of traveling, partying and taking dope pictures, we are geared towards community services & soliciting melanated businesses domestically and internationally.

**Meaning: If we are having a meet up or group trip in Houston, Chicago, L.A, Orlando, Kenya, Germany, Haiti, Central or South America we are looking to bring a few supplies (pack of t-shirts, socks, women person hygiene items & etc) to pass out collectively as a group while experiencing their culture. (This is always COMPLETELY optional so never any pressure to bring supplies 🙂 )

So what you can expect in the Melanated Passport community:

*Motivation to travel.
*Free awesome travel tips
*Getting you out of your comfort zone
*Building your confidence in traveling
*Help you obtain new travel companions
*Learn about new cultures
*Build your networking opportunities.

Please invite your other travel enthusiast friends and family members to join the Melanated Passports community.

There will be organized and impromptu meet-ups, along with amazing group trips. Example;
Cabins trips
Whitewater rafting
Sky Diving
Just to name a few, so welcome aboard to the Melanated Passports community.

And there are ZERO grounds for disrespect. Regardless of anyone's religion or sexual orientation disrespect isn't welcomed in here.

With that being said this is a positive vibe only community, so if being messy and petty is your claim to fame, this isn't the travel community for you. It's Good Vibes or Good Bye 🙂

*We all have melanin in us, some of us have a lot more than others. So with that being said, anyone can join the Melanated Passport community.

This is a travel community with the concept of "Travel and Give".

Please join our Facebook page for updated trips and meet-ups as well as our Instagram and Twitter where we will be hosting giveaways.

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Melanated in Panama

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Overnight camping at Stone Mountain

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