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Are you looking for more FUN in your life? Why not join our Melbourne Social Club Events Meetup Group?

This Meetup Group will list monthly social drinks nights in Melbourne as well as other fun social events in the Melbourne CBD area. The Meetup listed events are open events from the award winning Melbourne Social Club events page located at https://www.melbournesocial.com.au/events (http://www.melbournesocial.com.au/events)

These events are run and sponsored by the Melbourne Social Club (Fun, Food and Friendship) which has been running for 11 years which organises the meeting place and also various drinks or food offers at these events. Melbourne Social Club is also known as Fun, Food and Friendship that has received a Lord Mayor's Commendation for its services to the city of Melbourne.

The full range of Melbourne Social Club events and membership benefits can be found on their Melbourne Social Club website https://www.melbournesocialclub.com.au (http://www.melbournesocial.com.au/) or https://www.funff.com.au (http://www.funff.com.au) or https://www.socialclub.melbourne (http://www.socialclub.melbourne) where you can join their Melbourne Social Club weekly events and benefits newsletter for FREE.

The Melbourne Social Club (Fun, Food and Friendship) has an extensive list of social events for its members, ranging from a great mix of nights out with day trips, weekends away, holidays for a week or two, cruises, music, pub crawls, arts, drinks nights, themed dinners and sports to other great events like the Blues Train, Wine Tours, Polo events, Swimming with Dolphins and Jet Boating, sailing, rowing, tennis and many more...

As well as the running and sponsoring these Meetup Group events, the Melbourne Social Club (Fun, Food and Friendship) has a wide range of great members events and benefits. Visit the Melbourne Social Club (Fun, Food and Friendship) events page https://www.melbournesocialclub.com.au/events (http://www.melbournesocial.com.au/events) for more details and previous events can be seen via the Melbourne Social Club - Fun, Food and Friendship Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/funff (http://www.facebook.com/funff).

The 'open' social club events are listed on this Meetup Group but Melbourne Social Club (Fun, Food and Friendship) organises a fantastic array of Melbourne events and activities exclusively for its members.

Another benefit is a FREE drink at end of month social drinks and another FREE drink at the monthly new members nights.

Other discounts that include up to 80% on shopping and up to 70% off wine, 50% off city car parking on weeknights and weekends and many 2 for 1 dining offers outlined on the the rewards website.

The events range from free events like dinners, drinks nights and sports events, kayaking, abseiling, windsurfing, climbing, skiing, cycling to more expensive events like Derby Day and Oaks Day cruises, winery tours, day trips and weekends away can be found via the Fun, Food and Friendship sponsored link. A wide range of discount benefits is also available via a separate website available to full Melbourne Social Club - Fun, Food and Friendship members.

We have added this social events Meetup Group as a group sponsored by the Melbourne Social Club (Fun, Food and Friendship) to encourage more active social networking in Melbourne. Other Melbourne social events can be found via https://www.melbournesocialgroup.com.au (http://www.melbournesocialgroup.com.au/) which gives an extensive list of events for its members, ranging from a great mix of nights out, day trips and weekends.

The Melbourne Social Club (Fun, Food and Friendship) is also a proud sponsor of the Newcomers Network http://www.newcomersnetwork.com (http://www.newcomersnetwork.com.au) that has been running for over 12 years and is Australia’s top source of information for new people to Australia. The Newcomers Network website is free of charge and is a fantastic wealth of information for people that have moved, or are planning to move to Melbourne to help them make the most of their new life here.

The Melbourne Social Club (Fun, Food and Friendship) has special offers at bars, pubs restaurants and cafes, like 2 for 1 meals, as well as shopping benefits and discounts at boutique retailers, half price car parking at City Square on weeknights and weekends, VIP ticketing for concerts, shows and major events, and travel and accommodation specials from Melbourne to the world. This rewards scheme is run in conjunction with City of Melbourne ‘That’s Me!bourne’ which entices Melbournians to enjoy the secrets of the city, especially on weeknights and weekends.

Our sponsor, the Melbourne Social Club (Fun, Food and Friendship) gives full details about how you can participate in other fantastic events and activities which are held in city and inner suburb locations and offer great city benefits.

Fun, Food and Friendship is different from other clubs as provides insurance for its hosts against injuries and liability structuring the Melbourne Social Club within a public limited company with public liability insurance.

If would like to enjoy a great social life with a variety of events / benefits - come along to our social networking drinks nights listed on this Meetup Group and enjoy a great night of social networking, to see other events, please visit our sponsors link https://www.melbournesocial.com.au (http://www.melbournesocial.com.au) or https://www.funff.com.au (http://www.funff.com.au/) or https://www.socialclub.melbourne (http://www.socialclub.melbourne)

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Melbourne Social Club Drinks Night (End of Month)

Dr. Watson's Bar

New or extra bookings can be made on the main Melbourne Social Club events page https://www.melbournesocial.com.au/events if you wish to attend this FREE event, where the huge range of other social club events and benefits are listed. Come and join the team at Fun, Food and Friendship for our monthly end of month social drinks night. This month we are visiting Dr Watson's Bar that is situated above our favourite trivia haunts, the Sherlock Holmes Inn. T The venue is long room that has a theme of Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes and has large tables at the front, an elegant bar in the middle and other chairs for sitting and dining. Just like the Sherlock, there is great pub grub and an extensive range of beers many served from the big pump handles with some traditional type English ales such as Hobgoblin, ESB and Old Speckled Hen to name a few. This event is an open free event the Fun, Food and Friendship - Melbourne Social Club events calendar, (https://www.funff.com.au/events or https://www.melbournesocial.com.au/events) Pictures of our other fun events can be viewed on https://www.melbournesocial.com.au Join us for our end of month drinks just in an area exclusively reserved for Fun, Food and Friendship - Melbourne Social Club. Come and meet some of our hosts and members, learn more about Fun, Food and Friendship and the Melbourne Social Club and start enjoying a great social life and huge discounts around town on bars, restaurants, shopping, wine deals and shopping offers. More information and new/extra bookings about this FREE event, the location and more details can also be found on the main Melbourne Social Club events page where a huge range of other events are listed, this Meetup Group lists only the open events available to non-members, all other events (between 5-7 events a week) and benefits listed on the main events page https://www.melbournesocial.com.au/events

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