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From Veterinarian to Foresight Consultant – a Strange Journey

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From Veterinarian to Foresight Consultant – a Strange Journey



Paul will describe his journey from a dairy practice veterinarian to his current role as a foresight consultant and venture philanthropist. A journey that seems strange on the surface but has an internal logic and has equipped him with a set of unique experiences and capabilities. A journey that wanders through the murky waters of agricultural and Labor party politics, returning to University at 39, and a short stint as the manager of an abattoir.

The format will be conversational with participants asked to interrupt and pose questions along the way.

  • How a rational scientific and rational background and training, allied with a Masters Degree that was more philosophical and social in nature has broadened Paul’s skills.
  • · How Paul applies scenario planning and Wardley mapping to strategic thinking.
  • · Why Paul thinks organisational design for strategy will become increasingly important as opposed to Top down strategic thinking and analysis.

Participating in this event will enable you to:

  • Think differently about the future and strategy.

  • Get a basic understanding of applying Wardley maps and scenarios to strategic thinking.

Our Speaker:
Paul Higgins has been a dairy cattle vet and a pig vet. He was a pig farmer for 30 years and was a director of Auspork for 16 years. In 2000 went back to university and studied for a Masters Degree in Strategic Foresight. For the last 20 years he has worked as a futurist across a wide range of industries and organisations, helping people to think about the future, while maintaining a strong interest in food and agriculture. Paul is also a venture philanthropy partner and director at Social Ventures Partners Melbourne, investing in and advising innovative not for profit start-ups. He is also an Associate of the Melbourne University Business School and is currently a special advisor on strategy and foresight for Save the Children Australia.

Website: Twitter:@futuristpaul

6:00 - 6:30 virtual networking over drinks and nibbles
6:30 - 7:45 exploration of the topic
7:45 - 8:00 wrap up and informal conversations

Melbourne KMLF
Melbourne KMLF
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