The Future of Information Discovery


The way we discover new information is being recast. Computers compose answers to our questions, new types of information and media are being delivered, and revolutions in speech recognition are transforming the way we access information. Despite many of these advances, many fundamental aspects of these systems have difficult, open questions. To help us make sense of this revolution, leading researchers will discuss their personal view on the future of information discovery. We also discuss how recent research advances in this area might be directly applied to important open problems in industry and government agencies.

We will have a panel session with speakers from
- Charlie Clarke ( - Facebook
- Kevyn Collins-Thompson ( - University of Michigan
- Alexandra Olteanu ( - IBM Research
- Emine Yilmaz ( - University College London

** Lunch provided after registration **
If you register via the following link you can get lunch at 12.30pm. Picking up registration materials and getting lunch are in the same place (see the map under the 'Photos' section).

Please follow the event signs at RMIT Building 80 to find the room of the panel.