Melbourne AWS Meetup


Hey AWEsome people,

Welcome to our 2nd MeetUp of 2018, just as last time MessageMedia is hosting the evening and will be putting pizza and beverages on as per usual.

Speaker one:

We have Gerard Gigliotti - Head of Technology - Ippon
Talk title: "AWS and jHipster - flexible and fast application generation"

Speaker two:

Michael O’Brien, CEO/Founder SenseDeep a security startup.
Talk title: Securing your service on AWS when you don’t have a security team.


AWS has over 142 services in its cloud offering. It can be bewildering knowing how to construct a secure service on AWS.
This presentation digs into some of the steps you can take to secure your application for AWS when you don’t have a dedicated security team and are on a constrained budget.

My Background:

Previously moved a software company from Australia
to the USA and resided in Seattle for 20+ years. Recently relocated back to Melbourne and to grow SenseDeep locally