Past Meetup




Where: Brunswick Street Gallery, 322 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

When: 6pm, 19 APRIL - 2 MAY 2013

Matthew is a Melbourne based artist who works in a wide variety of media. He has had a solo exhibition at the Wyndham Cultural Centre, Werribee, in 2009, and has since entered his work into group shows, and painted for others.

This exhibition primarily explores the theme of maps of imaginary islands, which Matthew began experimenting with over 3 years ago . These drawings are meant to be very abstract, without any significant intrinsic meaning. They came off the pen largely from the subconsious, though with some conscious intentions, and have been driven from inner energy and feeling. Sometimes there are evocations of certain forms and objects incorporated into the maps, sometimes in the outward shape of a whole island, but usually deep within its terrain. These include dragons, horses, birds, fish, rolling sea, fire, clouds, rain, female figures, temple buildings, houses, factories, and crosses. There's also rugged or dry Australian-type landscapes, as well as mountains, rivers, lakes, grass, rocks, water drops, and rich vegetation. An influence on Matthew was his travels in Japan, and his appreciation of ukiyo-e Edo period works, which have also been seamlessly incorporated into his works.

This exhibition is intended to close a chapter on this series of drawings. Some of the ideas or expressions however may very well be projected into his future art works.