• How to Leverage 'The Power of Podcasting' with Melanie Colling

    We are a community of podcasters, podcast lovers and listeners! Together we will find out how to grow our podcasts and connections while at the same time, meeting like-minded people, learning from experts and having some fun along the way! CONNECT We want to re-connect everyone after a gap in events! LEARN We want to share expert insights to help grow your podcasts! FUN We want to hang out with like-minded people! And introduce you to our new hosts: The City Of Melbourne Libraries - Library at The Dock Jonny Faith - AV & Multimedia Technician at the Library will take you on a tour of the The Dock venue, podcast recording and editing facilities and talk through how The City of Melbourne Libraries can support you and your podcasts! And I am going to share my knowledge on how to leverage 'The Power of Podcasting'. A bit about me.... Hi, I’m Melanie Colling, Founder of Purpose Driven Projects, co-founder of Experts On Air - Podcast Booking Agency, host of the Business Connections Podcast and (soon to be) co-author of ‘You Are A Genius’. I'm an entrepreneur, mum of 1, avid podcast listener, voracious business book reader, I love meeting new people and learning about what they do and why they do it and I just can't help organising (everything!), connecting people and having fun! I am passionate about helping fellow podcasters succeed by helping them to accelerate their podcasts to the next level through Collaboration. Schedule of Events 6.30pm: Arrival & Registration 6.40pm: Tour of 'Library at Dock' venue, podcast and editing facilities 7.00pm: Networking 7.30pm: Presentation - How to leverage 'The Power of Podcasting' 7.50pm: Q&A 8:00pm: Networking 9.00pm: Goodbye & see you next time! I can't wait to meet you all and find out about your podcasts, experiences and how we can all help each other to grow and succeed! Looking forward to seeing your there! Mel x

  • Melbourne Podcasters Get-Together prior to 2019 Podcast Awards

    Anticipation is building for the 2019 Australian Podcast Awards! I'm sure we're all excited for the night and even more excited to meet great Aussie podcasters doing great work. Because there will be so many podcasters to say g'day to on the night, we wanted to do a little casual meet-and-greet beforehand. If you're heading up for the awards, or if you want to get to know your fellow Melbourne podcasters, we'd love to meet up on May 8th in Melbourne a put a few faces to the artwork thumbnails. Tickets via Eventbrite - https://www.eventbrite.com.au/register?orderid=7ccbdbd270c611e9ad36121ad67d80f2&client_token=b74915b36a3c498f9b62edb80d9f5771&eid=60909202063

  • How to develop your podcast speaking voice [Training workshop]

    Topic: How to develop your podcast speaking voice [Training workshop] Speaker: Anouska Taylor (Certified Vocal Instructor) You'll learn: 1. Why your tone of voice is so important when podcasting 2. How to warm up and take care of your voice 3. How to find your most resonant and effortless voice Anouska Taylor is an accomplished singer / performer and certified vocal instructor with an international voice organisation. She has been teaching for over a decade and trains singers and professional speakers to discover the full potential of their voice and express their brilliance. Anouska regularly runs workshops and events and is often privately engaged to work within companies to help train staff with developing their speaking voice.

  • Don’t make these podcasting mistakes — How to get the fundamentals right

    Topic: Don’t make these podcasting mistakes — How to get the fundamentals right Speaker: Corey Layton (Content and Marketing Director, Whooshkaa) You'll learn: 1. Common mistakes to avoid with your podcast 2. How to package your show for maximum impact 3. Promotion 101 — what works and what doesn't Corey Layton is the Content and Marketing Director at Whooshkaa, an audio on-demand platform. Corey oversees relationships with content creators, international partners and has led the production of podcasts for brands including Facebook, Mercedes, City of Sydney and more. From conception to realisation, he has over 18 years of branded content creation, marketing & producing experience across digital, social, radio, TV and events.

  • Inside ESPN’s 30 for 30 podcast with Julia Henderson (post-OzPod special event!)

    Topic: Inside ESPN’s 30 for 30 podcast with Julia Henderson Speaker: Julia Henderson (Producer, ESPN's 30 for 30 podcast) Off the back of OzPod 2018, we're extremely lucky to be hosting an intimate session with Julia Henderson where we go behind the scenes of ESPN's 30 for 30 podcast. Hear the stories you won't hear at OzPod and ask the questions they didn't have time for. Don't miss this!!! Julia Lowrie Henderson is an award-winning producer and storyteller based in New York. She’s currently a producer for ESPN's 30 for 30 podcast, which she helped launch in 2016. Her most recent project is Bikram, the 5-part series she reported and produced for 30 for 30. Prior to working at ESPN, she was a producer for Studio 360 from PRI and WNYC.

  • Editing secrets from an audio pro! — Lessons from 20+ years of pro production

    Topic: Editing secrets from an audio pro! — Lessons from 20+ years of professional production Speaker: Peter Letts (Director of Audio at BE Media Production) You'll learn: 1. How to edit your podcast so people will listen 2. Common editing and mixing mistakes to avoid 3. Tips and tricks for producing pro quality audio Peter has been producing world-class audio with BE Media Production since 1997. He has extensive experience in all facets of audio production; from radio, television, and video-post, to online audio, podcast and music production. Peter also runs Audio Concierge, an audio production business creating exceptional audio for businesses world-wide.

  • The business side of podcasting — Creating an engaging show which pays the bills

    Topic: The business side of podcasting — Creating an engaging show which pays the bills Speaker: Kristofor Lawson (Host of Moonshot) You'll learn: 1. Overview of Podcast Movement 2018 — What is everybody talking about in the world of podcasts? 2. Funding your side-project — How do you make money? How do you find advertisers? What CPM rate should you charge? What is a "CPM"? 3. How to use data to create better content for your audience. Kristofor is the founder of Lawson Media — a podcasting company which connects podcast listeners with global stories. He's also the host of Moonshot, an award-winning podcast exploring the world's biggest ideas and the people making them happen. Kristofor is an experienced journalist who has worked at the ABC, SBS, News Corporation, and Network Ten.

  • Is 1000 downloads good? Podcast stats explained!

    Collective Campus

    Topic: Is 1000 downloads good? Podcast stats explained! Speaker: Sharon Taylor (CEO at Omny Studio) You'll learn: 1. An overview of podcast stats and how to benchmark your show 2. Under the hood of how podcast media hosting actually works 3. How the podcast industry is standardising analytics with the IAB Sharon Taylor is the Chief Executive Officer of Omny Studio – an advanced audio-on-demand platform built for enterprise audio publishers. With over a decade of leadership experience in the technology industry, at Omny Studio she drives awareness of podcasting around the globe - working with radio networks and podcasters to navigate and excel in the space.

  • Your essential guide to the future of podcasting, with James Cridland

    Topic: Your essential guide to the future of podcasting Speaker: James Cridland (Radio Futurologist) You'll learn: 1. What you need to do to prepare for the future of audio 2. The surprising tips podcasting can learn from radio 3. Trends impacting audio from around the world James is a radio futurologist - a writer, consultant and public speaker on radio’s future. He is Managing Editor of http://podnews.net, a daily podcast newsletter, and runs media.info, the media information website. James has worked in radio since 1989 as an award-winning copywriter, presenter, and internet strategist. He frequently speaks at radio and podcasting events around the globe.

  • Behind the scenes of Trace, the ABC's first true-crime podcast

    Topic: Behind the scenes of Trace, the ABC's first true-crime podcast Speaker: Rachael Brown (Creator/Investigator/Presenter, 'Trace' podcast) You'll learn: 1. Why it's vital to set your key intention for your project 2. The strange realisation that true-crime is not entertainment 3. How to harness the power of audience interactivity Rachael Brown is a broadcast journalist who began her career with the ABC in 2002. She has since held several postings, including Europe correspondent from 2010 to 2013. In 2008, she won the Walkley Award for Best Radio Current Affairs Report. Rachael is the creator, investigator, and host of the ABC’s first true-crime podcast, Trace. This hit show reviewed the cold case of Melbourne mother Maria James and the suspicious circumstances surrounding her murder. Rachael Brown's investigation reviews old suspects, and finds a new one. The podcast has prompted a Victoria Police admission about an embarrassing DNA bungle and has encouraged the Victorian Coroner to consider reopening the inquest. Trace won the 2017 Walkley Award for Innovation, and two 2017 Quill Awards, for Innovation and Best Podcast. Trace is also a finalist in the Documentary category in the 2018 Australian Podcast Awards.