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MemFLIPS: New Location- Now w/ Free Chips and Salsa!

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If you're actively involved in flipping real estate anywhere in the Memphis metro area, then this is for you.

Local rehabbers and wholesalers: You are invited to join us for our monthly Dealmakers Networking Lunch. It's a chance to rub shoulders and connect with other like-minded flipping guys and gals who are actively doing deals in the local arena, and aren't just looking for another hotel seminar to attend.

What this IS: Imagine a gathering of positive, like-minded flippers... both wholesalers, and fix-and-flip rehabbers of all experience levels... all having lunch together, enjoying the chance to share and care. The room is buzzing with people exchanging not just business cards... but practical ideas, real-world knowledge, useful tools, key resources... sharing recent deal stories and valuable lessons learned... and yes, doing real deals together.

That, my friend, is what this gathering is all about.

Attendance is $0 dollars: All you have to do is buy your own lunch, and show up ready and willing to engage others. Please know that this gathering is not for "takers" or vampires looking to suck the time or life out of other investors. It's all about sharing ideas, resources, tools and knowledge with a true "Givers' Gain" attitude and a "pay it forward" mindset. If that's not your culture, then please don't bother.

Otherwise, you're warmly invited to our fun, profitable gathering of ethical real estate investors connecting, buying and selling deals, and learning from each other.

You in?

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MemFlips - Memphis House Flippers
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