MenFlirt - Expression, Body Language, Authenticity

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The Pirate Castle (not a pub)

33 Oval Road, Gilbey's Wharf, NW1 7EA · Camden Town

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400m from Camden Town tube, on the canal in Oval road

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MenFlirt is not about flirting with anyone in particular - it's all about 'be~ing the flirt'. Coming from that place inside of you that makes you irresistible, as your authentic vibe is naturally put out into the world to attract the life and love you want.

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So whether you're single, partnered, young, old, introvert, extrovert, tell tall tales that bore, or have issues with your shortcomings and simply want to live a more fun, connected life - this is the workshop for you!

MenFlirt is an offshoot of MenSpeak, our regular men's groups. Why 'Flirt'? Because it's about having fun, authentically expressing yourself, finding your edge and living beyond it so others can meet, and engage in the merry dance of relationships with you!

"F**ked me up for 36 hours afterwards. Transformational. The workshop was, and the video footage of me is, invaluable."
Neil, 49

You'll discover how to embody the essence of who you really are and allow your flirtatious light to naturally shine through, attracting people with a similar outlook, values and sense of fun - like moths to a flame!

In a nutshell, you'll learn all about:
-Social dynamics
-Everyday relating
-Unleashing your quick wit & humour
-How to flirt shamelessly, without being a needy, manipulative blagger, or a creep!

nb This is not PUA, NLP, trickery, or being a fraud (while being afraid inside and screwing things up!)

Frauds attract frauds, so why would you want to spend the rest of your life living a lie, or worst still, why would you want to be with anyone who falls for your act??!

Check out Yogesh's social adventures beyond the MenFlirt day:

At MenFlirt we get real, know our masks, drop our masks, step-up to the hot-seat and gain essential feedback on how you come across, from facial expressions and movements, to body language and gesticulations, tone, voice, words and unconscious old habits helping you to get clear about your self-sabotage and allowing you to connect with confident passion. Your time in the hot-seat - should you choose it - will be recorded on your phone for you so you can check it out afterwards in your own time.

The space is safe and intimate (intimate in that we show up and get real - we don't flirt with each other(!), we don't touch each other apart from a handshake or hug and everyone's boundaries are respected - indeed, boundaries is an important aspect of the MenFlirt workshop.)

"Inspiring, revolutionary, this completely changed the way I approached finding love and connection with others. I've always been crap with girls and I've always found it hard to reach the level of depth I wanted when meeting new people. With Kenny's tools and the group feedback from MenFlirt I've turned everything around and now, I'm getting dates, making new and better friends and being more ballsy in my career, all while putting in less effort and enjoying the process more than ever before!"
Bertie, 25

VENUE: The Pirate Castle (not a pub)
33 Oval Road, Gilbey's Wharf, Camden Town NW1 7EA

£70 - concessions: over 60's, job seekers, disability, full time students
£70 - closed group men

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