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**This men's group is both online and in-person. You can turn up at The Pirate Castle or join us via Zoom here**

A group of men, sitting in a virtual circle in front of our screens, hanging out together and getting real.

We laugh, listen, learn, celebrate life and grow together as we share our experiences, thoughts and feelings beyond old 'masks'.

We respectfully challenge one another to be better, more authentic men, without telling each other what to do or how to be. There is no pressure and it’s fine to say "Pass” when it’s your turn to speak.

We are accepting, accountable and we want more out of life.

We acknowledge who we’ve been and we test drive who we want to be, taking the best of ourselves out into the world.

Life doesn't have to be 'bad' to come to a men's group. We've been successfully growing - from the good, the bad and even the ugly - as individual men and as a community, since 2002.

This is how it looks in a room

Check out our 15 minute demo of a two and a half hour men's group at Southbank's Being A Man Festival

And this is a longer couple of videos demystifying MenSpeak men's groups.

Click that you're coming and pay online, then watch out for the link in the comments below, then click the Zoom link at 12.45am for a 1pm start - we'll sign off at 3.30pm.

If you don't already have Zoom installed just click here and it will pretty much install itself in two shakes of a lambs tail!

Please read our Ground Rules before attending and raise any changes you'd like to make to them before we begin.

£15 (£10 closed group men)

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