MenCheck-in : Daily Check-ins, Connection and Community (by donation)

MenSpeak Men's Groups (London / Online)
MenSpeak Men's Groups (London / Online)
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During these times of coronavirus isolation, MenSpeak men’s groups respects men’s needs for connection – to help keep us sane, grounded and real.

Kenny / MenFacilitate graduates will be holding daily lunchtime MenSpeak men’s groups (by donation) so please check-out our Ground Rules here:

and click that you’re coming. Please be on time and stay for the full hour. Doors open at 12.20 and close at 12.35.

You can also take part in our usual open, closed and special interest groups (MenCook, MenStretch, MenDance, MenLaugh, MenFacilitate) as usual, though EVERYTHING by MenSpeak has gone online.

Should you wish to book an online facilitator for your organisation to stay connected; or should you wish to train to facilitate your own groups, please let us know.

You’re guaranteed a good laugh, a chance to hang out, share what’s up, listen, get new insights into daily life as we drop our ‘nice guy’, 'macho man’ or whatever masks we’ve been wearing. So come get real and receive the treasure of honest feedback and good company!

Read our guidelines on joining online groups here:

Link to donate: