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Welcome to Mental Alchemy & Vibrational Healing Academy.

The training is for those that are ready to take the next step. Nobody knows yourself better than you do. The time is now to realise that you are both the architect and the creator of your reality. Mental Alchemy & Vibrational Healing Academy is inward focused, in understanding oneself through multidimensional awareness, you are able to see where your limitations are and begin to make the appropriate adjustments. Your reality is a reflection of your inner world, as your inner landscape changes, your real-life experience shifts.

Mental Alchemy – This is the process of mental transformation. Through increased awareness, observation and focus, you are able to understand yourself your creative processes. This then enables you to make the appropriate adjustments.

Vibrational Healing – The gift of vibrational healing is possessed by all, it lies dormant, it has to be awakened and developed. Vibrational Healing is the practice of using the electric and magnetic forces of nature consciously, working with the body in a systematic process.

The training in the Academy creates a union between the Mental Alchemy ∞ Vibrational Healing. The bringing together of the masculine and feminine; the balance of the electric and magnetic forces within; and the synergy between action and observation.

If you are interested in finding out more about what we do, you can contact us: info@sacredheartawakening.com.

Wishing you a blessed and sacred journey. 
Aang & Shaz

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