What we're about

Join us erase your subconscious false believes/ programs, which makes you feel the way you do.
Transform your emotions: fear, hatred to love, anger to compassion, sadness to joy.

Our outer world is a reflection of the inner world.

The body and mind are rooted in our inner consciousness.

When you are rooted in being, you are connected to the consciousness or stillness that's ever 'present' in all beings.

Join us , relax deeply, purify and balance body, mind and soul, experience bliss and connect with the Divine Light.

You are beautiful Light / Consciousness.

Being aware of your inner body not only anchors you into present moment but also strengthen your immune system. Your body loves your attention.

It's like when owner of the house is not there, all kinds of shady creatures like bugs, wasps, spiders etc get inside.:)

Once connected to the Divine Light,inner transformations will take place and shift will happen in all areas of your life - Health, Wealth, Relationship, Spirituality.

Love is a transformation of hatred, compassion of anger, joy of pain...

Crystal Singing Bowls and Tibetan Bowls are designed to help you to purify on the cellular level.

It is a way to connect to your deep inner self - your Inner Consciousness.

Lying in a relaxed state on the floor, receive the healing sounds of the crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls.

As each cell gently opens, sound releases accumulated tension and restores your natural vitality, gives way to a deep state of relaxation, releases mental and emotional negativity, along with balancing the hemispheres of the brain, helps to heal the body, emotions and calm the thinking process, sharpens clairvoyance.

May we all awaken and love each other without condition.

Eternal love, peace and bliss,



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