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What we’re about

Socialization group for practicing mental trainings, emotional intelligence, conversational techniques, assertive communication, leadership and relationship.

This meetings are designed for people who:

- Feel afraid / embarrassed in social situations,

- Want to  express their needs and emotions better

- Want to socialize / to adjust better in a group,

- Want to improve their communication skills.

During the training you can learn how to:

- Interact with new people,

- Make new relationships,

- Express your own opinion freely and without fear,

- Say "no" when needed,

- Be able to achieve your goals in front of others,

- Control your fear,

- Speak in public,

- Take decisions,

- Not be afraid that you will be judged,

- Set limits to others,

- Use your body language to your advantage

- Make small talk and big talk

The purpose of this group is to learn and practice social skills in interaction with others.

If you want to develop your soft skills, this group is the perfect opportunity.