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What we’re about

During our meetings we talk about 3 simple facts of life: 


Strange as it may sound, simply talking about these facts brings all the people in the room into a higher state of mind. It makes people feel connected to themselves and others in a deeper, richer and more joyful way. And as a result ALL areas in your life can improve over time, without you having to do anything consciously about it. A little bit of magic! 

One of those facts (or principles) that we talk about is that our brains TRICK us constantly. At work, in our relationships, about ourselves and others, everywhere, at any time of the day. We humans THINK. And very often we believe the thoughts that we think to be true. The story in our head that we take seriously becomes our personal reality. A reality that feels like it is the one and only reality. The true reality. However, this reality of ours is just a temporary, "personal experience" of reality that can change in a second. All we need is ONE FRESH THOUGHT and things can look and feel completely different. Better! :-) 

During our evening meetings we share the tricks that our minds have played on us during the day, in both our professional and private lives. We share the ones that we have been able to spot. We share insights that have helped us in our lives, at work, in our relationships, for our health etc. With these evenings we also help each other see the tricks that our minds are playing on us and that we can't see (yet). Being curious and open to see and understand something new is the only requirement to participate in these talks. 

In this field there are no experts. We all trick ourselves. We are all teachers and we are all students. We are all equal. Some people may have had a little bit more experience with seeings the tricks their brains are playing on them, and may spot them a bit faster, but those people can just as easily be tricked the next day.

These evenings are fun. Enlightening. Hopeful. Respectful. Joyful.

There is lots of people all over the world who are already having this kind of conversations. Here are two resources with lots of free videos and articles.

Come and have a taste!

I hope to see you soon at one of our evenings.