What we're about

We invite you to be a part of our heart opening, soul connecting and intuitive channeling group. We will hold gatherings a few times a month which will include intuitive and psychic insights and messages that come from energies of Love, Light and Truth and are channeled through Shannon Russell.

Shannon is an Intuitive Channel, Medium and Messenger of Love, Light and Truth. She also has the unique gift of guiding people to DIRECTLY connect to and receive these insights and messages. She is able to intuitively make the connection to above and beyond and then share that connection with people so that you can see, hear and sense the messages and healing insights that are waiting for you just beyond the physical realm.

Examples of who you will have the opportunity to connect to during our gatherings include and are not limited to: living and deceased loved ones, ancestors, inner child, higher self, inner self, The Divine/Source/Creator, Guardian Angels, your Soul, past lives, and anyone from any time who may have a message or insight to share with you.

We created this group to help people connect with each other and with all that is available to us in Love, Light and Truth - that is beyond the physical realm. This group is for you if you are looking for a connecting, nurturing, expansive, healing, caring, sharing, personal and spiritual growth environment and experience

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