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3/2~Telepathy, ESP and Morphic Fields! Psychic Teleclasses & Practices

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Hello Developing Intuitives,

Did you ever try to send a thought to someone? Or read their minds? Oh, come can admit it! It is an inherent talent that is a gift to our species, helping to protect us from dangerous environments since paleolithic times. Unfortunately, we were conditioned away from these fully human tools that are so valuable over the centuries due to ancient political and religious reasons.

Now understanding that our own senses are our natural and useful birthright, aware and conscious beings are flocking to get back in touch with ourselves once again.

Join us this Sunday for some fun and insightful development exercises!

Telepathy is the transference of thoughts or feelings between two or more subjects.

Within the field of parapsychology, telepathy is considered to be a form of extra-sensory perception (ESP) or anomalous cognition in which information is transferred through Psi. It is often categorized similarly to precognition and clairvoyance.

Are vibratory currents involved in this process? How does the "brain wave" theory relate? What roles do the objective-conscious mind vs. the subjective-subconscious mind play?

Can EMF / electro-magnetic fields carry psychic energy?

Are there really elementary particles called "psychons"?

What's the difference between latent telepathy, precognitive telepathy, emotive telepathy and superconscious telepathy?

And what the heck does morphic resonance and morphogenetic fields have to do with it all?


Don't worry! There are no "tests" and there are no grades.

Just fascination and exploration into the world of Psi!

You will be experimenting only on yourself in this format.


This is going to be a fun one! No Experience Necessary.

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*See* you Sunday! Sheila

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