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Hello and Welcome to the Beyond Metaphysics Meet Up Group!

Effective September 24, 2020, this Meet Up will become a subscription-based group. This change is being made to adapt to new conditions due to the pandemic and to provide more services to members. The changes that are being made will allow us to have more in-depth discussions of our topics and allow more members to attend by joining us through the internet.

The meetings will be in person or on Zoom depending upon the situation with the pandemic and/or available space. A link will be available to you to participate in our Zoom meetings on the Meet Up event page. Members may have guests join them for free on their Zoom feed.

If you choose to maintain your free membership, you can keep up with us on our Facebook Like page. This page is the Beyond Metaphysics Networking Group. Meetings will be posted on this page for you to find out the topics we will be discussing. You are being notified now so you can decide if you want to be full-fledged member or visit us at your convenience on Facebook to choose to attend a meeting at the non-member price.

The Meet Up membership fee will be $1.97/month. Most events will remain free for members and their guests (up to three), but there will be non-member fees for visitors attending group events. Additional fees will be posted, if required, on the Meet Up site or on other advertising venues.

The rules of the subscription are outlined by MeetUp.com, and you can leave the group whenever you choose. They will collect all fees and take care of any requested refunds. Please read the Meet Up subscription rules at your convenience.

You can choose to belong to The Dallas Visionaries Meet Up or Beyond Metaphysics Meet Up. You can belong to both groups, but you will be charged for two membership fees. It is suggested you choose one group and pay for one membership only.

Membership Summary

· The membership fee for either The Dallas Visionaries Meet Up or Beyond Metaphysics Meet Up is $1.97/month, billed by MeetUp.com.

· Membership includes all free Meet Ups.

· Most events for members are free. Members receive special pricing for paid Meet Up events.

· Members may have up to three guests per in-person event.

· There will be a minimum of eight events per year.

· Meet Ups will be on the second Wednesdays of the month at 7:00 PM on Zoom and/or in person.

The following are some of the topics that will be discussed in the future:

Angels Guides Elementals Pet Psychic

Astrology Dowsing Psychic Art Book Signings

Auras Past Life Regressions Reiki Native American

Chakras Predictions Crystals Meditations

Psychic ability development Channeling Paranormal Guest Speakers

Mediumship development Spirit Galleries UFO’s Field Trips

Numerology Tarot Cards Astral Projections

Palmistry Psychometry Scrying

I would love to have you join us in the future as our groups evolve and adapt to these changing times. More benefits will be available over time. Please join us on Zoom as we test our new format in the coming months. Thank you for your loyalty and continued membership.


John Cappello

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