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"That which God said to the rose
and caused it to laugh in full blown beauty,
He said to my heart and made it a hundred times more beautiful".

" I can give you the flower, but how can I give you the fragrance?

You have to cleanse your nose and become more sensitive."


This is the oldest and continuously active Spiritual Metaphysical group at Meetup.com in the San Diego region.

We seek to foster an environment for a sincere and serious endeavor in self-discovery, self-realization and life-changing transformational experiences.

Our main goal is to communicate with other DOGMA-FREE, Heart-Centered people seriously interested in the SPIRITUAL METAPHYSICS, who are willing to delve into the means and ways to realize their spiritual progress in a more harmonious and peaceful Local and global communities.

We are interested in the Enlightenment and the path to Unitive Consciousness and the Manifestation of our Inner Divinity in Harmony with our everyday lives.

We are NOT, merely, a social gathering group but individuals with serious interest in the Spiritual Metaphysics.

Light, Understanding and PEACE!

Your friend and organizer

Jaan Ojan

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