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Introduction to Sombu Kotal™

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Anita's Home

32939 Greenwood Ave (Dr) · Wildomar, CA

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The sign for our street is not easy to see. Look for the 4 large postal boxes on the corner. Directions: - Lost call 909-938-6656

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Do you feel like you aren't from here?
Do you find that you do not really think or see things the same way as others around you?

Old souls don't see things in the same way others do. We may try to fit in and we can fake being "normal," but deep inside we have a yearning for something greater.

The pull of liberation from the constraints of normal life churns at the very core of our being. We want to get rid of emotional baggage, the heavy weight of karma, and cords that bind us to others in negative ways.

But how to do we do all that?

Sombu Kotal™, which means empty vessel, is the culmination of years of work to simplify complex traditional spiritual disciplines, methods, and teachings. It gives you a simpler way of using, understanding, and working with what can be enormously complicated and arcane toward the goal of attaining a clear connection to what we call "SELF," also known as Higher SELF, Oversoul, Godself, and many other names in a multitude of languages and cultures.

Allen and Anita Burns, strip away all the "hype," religious over-and undertones, and reveal the simplicity of our relationship to the SELF.

In addition, Sombu Kotal™ connects two subtle energies—Earth and Cosmic that help to clear our vessel. Sombu Kotal™ is a power-healing, balancing, empowering, and transformative modality.

Donations appreciated.