Your Karmic, Past Life Puzzle Revealed

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March 24, 2019, 1-3:30 pm - $20
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--When you ask about your past lives, do you stop and consider that these lives are connected by cause and effect?
--That people in those lives may be playing a role in your life now?
--Your best friend might have been a sister or brother at some time.
--Why and how do we choose what time and place to be reborn?

Come and discover your Past Life Puzzle as Light Beings, Johar and Simon unveil your Akasha to put your past life experiences in perspective for you and reveal the cause-effect pattern that has brought you to your present life and circumstances.

"I watched you channel Johar and Simon and enjoyed it are as inspiring as Esther Hicks.....I too someday hope to channel in the same fashion. Once again thank you kindly. -- Love and blessings Jennifer"

"I so enjoy messages from Johar and Simon. They are provocative and give me food for thought. They open me up to possibilities and acceptance as well as understanding. I am thankful that you had the desire to be a vessel for such transmissions and that Johar responded. I am also thankful that I was led to you and David and Allen so that I may grow and learn and find comfort in who I am. Thank you again for another formidable experience." -- Cathy

By just thinking about the Reading, I can feel the energy of Simon coming through beautifully and therapeutically. Simon's voice really touches my inner heart. Johar & Simon Readings and the recordings helped me heal tremendously in a way none other that I know of can, or could have. I'm most grateful for your time and efforts. Thank you very much." -- Charles

Anita has been a trance channel since the 1980s when a being of light named Johar unexpectedly came through her during a meditation. Simon joined a few years later. She doesn't seek large audiences or great "popularity." Johar and Simon's work is up close and personal.

Anita is a COMPLETE TRANCE CHANNEL. She puts her consciousness aside and allows Johar and Simon to freely work through her. She remembers nothing after the session is over.

Johar and Simon have guided hundreds of people on their path wholeness and freedom from limiting energies, karma, and self-belief. They are infinitely wise, kind, and insightful, speaking to your very soul. Combined with a touch of humor, their wisdom seems to hold no bounds.

Anita has traveled and studied extensively, including the works of the Oceanside Rosicrucians, Sathya Sai Baba, Baba Sri Siva, Paramahansa Yogananda's Self Realization Fellowship, and the Vedanta Society's Swami Vivekananda. She is a fifth-degree Reiki master, Kirya initiate, and Sombu Kotal/Re Hu Tek practitioner/instructor. Anita and her husband Allen conduct sessions in Sombu Kotal, the spiritual science of "Letting Go."

Come and experience this unique, personal and powerful experience from exceptional beings of love, light, and compassionate wisdom.