Re Hu Tek & Sombu Kotal Study Group & Healing Circle

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Anita's Home

32939 Greenwood Ave (Dr) · Wildomar, CA

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The sign for our street is not easy to see on the 15 frwy side and non existent on the other. Look for the 4 large postal boxes on the corner. Directions: - Lost call 909-938-6656

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This session's talk by Allen Burns — The Pearl in the Onion

Learn about these power energy modalities from Allen Burns, modern day founder of the present incarnation of these works. Allen has had many lifetimes working with these energies in order to bring it into our modern times. Each meetup is tailored to the attendees present. No experience is necessary. We welcome the curious, beginners, to more advanced in the ways of energy work. Learn how Re Hu Tek and Sombu Kotal can expand on what you are doing now.

Also, Give a healing, receive a healing.

Everyone at the group will get a healing and be guided in giving simple healings.

Allen will give you a temporary attunement to the Re Hu Tek Earth energy so you can work as a group to give healing energy to the folks in the group.

Re Hu Tek™ has been called Reiki on steroids, by some, for its deep, thorough, direct ability to work on multiple levels and for multiple purposes. Although there are some similarities, it is NOT another lineage of Reiki. It combines two compatible energies we call Cosmic and Earth. It starts the connection process to our higher self.

Thousands of years ago, the ancient mystery schools of Egypt practiced a unique transformational work they called Re Xhu Tet'k.

It was designed to re-integrate us to the whole of our being, and rebalance our mind, body, and spirit.

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Sombu Kotal™ is based on an even older lineage that is the mother of many other lineages, including Re Hu Tek. It is, in essence, the understanding of our true nature and a connection with our true Self and power. It is for the more advanced practitioner of energy work and practices.

"Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! I can access this energy immediately. Freakin' incredible!"

"Been playing around with the Re Hu Tek energy. It is very interesting to say the least. The vibrations are so much higher than I'm used to working with.

"I sent the energy to a friend of mine last night (who is not very sensitive to this stuff) and she felt huge waves of energy flow through her immediately. She doesn't feel Reiki at all." — AJ, 3rd Degree Re Hu Tek Practitioner

I am just emailing you to let you know that the RHT energy is awesome! I am feeling a lot clearer, lighter, and less stressed. Thanks so much for the attunment and the instructions. — Brandy, AZ

"Wow! Just came from my daughters out there in Corona after receiving a desperate call from her. She was suffering a debilitating migraine headache and felt she may need to go to the hospital. I found her in bed, head buried under pillows. She could not talk or move without exacerbating the pain. I put my hands on her spine (I like to run energy up and down the spine since it connects to the brain and innervates every part of the body). Within 5 minutes she started saying she felt better. The nausea was gone, the searing pain behind her eyes was gone, the dizziness was gone. I told her to take it easy and try to sleep. I went downstairs and she showed up in the kitchen about 3 minutes later! She was hungry!
During hands-on I felt far more energy moving than I have ever felt before! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and powerful energy system with me!" — Carol D

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Your Host Allen Burns

Allen has been on a spiritual path since he was a young man. He discovered his ability to use healing energies with sound after becoming involved with a charismatic spiritual group. When he left the group, Allen spent many years searching for answers to his unusual ability to use sound and energy for healing and balancing. His quest brought him to his wife, Anita. Together they spent many years finding the answers, which led them to the rediscovery and development of the Re Hu Tek™ an Sombu Kotal™ energy systems.