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Introducing Krestianstvo - the modern p2p virtual world based on Croquet

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Come get an introduction to Krestianstvo ( ) - a peer to peer virtual world based on the work of Alan Kay (pioneer of graphical user interfaces, object oriented programming (Smalltalk), and inspiration for the movie Tron) and the Croquet project. Krestianstvo is brought to life by Nikolay Suslov and incorporates modern natural user interface inputs such as the Microsoft Kinect for avatar control.

( I'm a new member to the group and am currently investigating Krestianstvo myself, i just saw that there hasn't been a meetup in a while and thought that this might be a nice event to get people together. I am also an organizer for the nyc volumetric society meetup @ (started out as being around hacking the Kinect) and thought that we could cohost the meetup to get as many people out and talking as possible. Thoughts?! :) )