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What we’re about

Please read to the end for important information and rules for the group!
This group is for CHILDFREE women who are married, single, or partnered and are embracing having a childfree lifestyle permanently. This group is not for parents, step-parents, women who plan to have children, empty nesters, or people in a relationship with a person with children. There are a lot of other groups for you. This is for completely childfree women who plan to stay childfree by choice or are childfree by circumstance.

If you are unsure that this group is for you, please join us for one of our virtual meet and greets and get to know others and ask questions. The goal of this group is to create an additional social outlet and opportunities for like-minded women to connect and make friends who are also childfree.

After attending an event, you will be given Organizer privileges and you can organize events. I want this group to be as open and inviting as possible for people and for you to do things that interest you with other childfree women. At this time most of our meetups are centered around Novi and Farmington. We are looking to branch out to Plymouth, Northville, and Ann Arbor. If you are interested in organizing an event in these areas or another, please let me know. I will support your events to the best of my ability.

Please note that your registration for an event is a commitment to attend.  Our events have limited space and your registration for a slot at an event means another member who wants to go will not be able to attend.

For the courtesy of others, if you RSVP yes to an event, please attend, or change your RSVP to no more than 24 hours before the event. If you change within 24 hours, or do not attend, you will be marked as a no-show. If you have 3 no-shows in a 6 month period you will be removed from the group.


  1. You must have a picture that shows your face.
  2. You must be COVID vaccinated.
  3. You must cancel before 24 hours before an event, or you will be marked as no-show.
  4. 3 no-shows in a 6 month period will result in removal from the group.
  5. You are responsible for paying your bills at any event.
  6. You are responsible for transportation to and from the event. Since there is no official vetting of members of this group, please do not carpool with complete strangers by asking for rides from someone you have never met. Let’s stay safe!