What we're about

Okay, so I just paid $105 and some pennies to save this group from untimely death, i.e. I WILL NOT CONCEDE. hehehe

Someone else here: HELP!!!

I would like to build a club that meets weekly! MetroWest meetings preferred but I'm open to organizing wherever!

My goal is to start meetings mid-June! Then we can find places easily ... outdoors at cafes, in parks, wherever. We will find an indoor spot by fall!

I am SO not highly ranked (avg 950-1050 depending on whether I've remembered to check my Chess.com games). This group is for friendly chess that can slip into mad competition and then resolve into friendship again. However, I'm open to suggestion!

Past events (61)

Casual Chess Because We Can!

Cilla's Coffeehouse

Chess Clinic

Boston South Station

Chess at the Library

Newsfeed Café

Chess at the Library

Newsfeed Café