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Welcome to Neal Bawa's Tampa Apartment Investors - Multifamily University ( https://multifamilyu.com/ ).

We are the Nation's premier network DEDICATED to learning about investing in multifamily real estate; a community of like-minded individuals spread out across the U.S. who are learning about and investing in multifamily real estate through syndication.

Bring your A-Game! Because you will be learning at an explosive rate, building your investor network, and potentially participating in syndicated multifamily real estate deals. At our live meetups and webinars, you will learn how syndications work, see showcased projects, network with fellow investors, and most importantly, have fun.

In addition, you’ll get FREE membership to the Multifamily University online education platform filled with webinars, podcasts, online courses, and conferences, on a variety of real estate related topics.

Join us and tap into our nationwide network of resources including commercial real estate brokers, lenders, property managers, insurers, contractors, self-directed IRA providers, apartment technology vendors, underwriters, syndicators, and so many more.

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How will the 2020 Presidential Election Impact the Real Estate Industry?

How Will the 2020 Presidential Election Impact the Real Estate Industry? Save your spot 👉 https://go.multifamilyu.com/2-TownHall8 The 2020 Presidential Election will be a gamechanger with serious implications for U.S. real estate investors. Both Trump and Biden have stark differences in taxation and housing creation policies that will have a major impact on investors. Have you thought about how this unprecedented election could impact the real estate industry? Does it matter who wins? What areas of real estate are affected? What effect have past elections had on real estate? While there is no perfect science to assessing possible real estate market outcomes, now is the time for investors to understand what the possible outcomes are and how to plan accordingly. Join Neal Bawa and Anna Myers as they share their data-backed research and observations on each candidate's history and intentions as it relates to housing policy and real estate investments. GET ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS ☑️ Why is the 2020 presidential election more important than any other over the last two decades? ☑️ What are the stark differences between Trump and Biden’s stances on taxation and housing? ☑️ What are the short-term impacts of the election on house prices? ☑️ How did commercial real estate perform over the last 40 years under each party? ☑️ What’s going to happen to 1031 exchanges? ☑️ Will mortgage rates likely move up or down as a result of the election? ☑️ Bonus: California – What are Propositions 15 and 19 and their impact on real estate? And of course, we will be answering as many of your burning questions as possible in 90 minutes. So, join hundreds of concerned real estate investors for a frank and brutally honest discussion on what the upcoming election means for your assets and real estate prospects. Register here 👉 https://go.multifamilyu.com/2-TownHall8 We expect to max out our zoom room so we have set up 2 webinar dates so everyone can join this provocative discussion live: Secure your place now. NEAL BAWA, Founder & CEO – Grocapitus and Multifamily University Neal Bawa is a technologist who is universally known as the Mad Scientist of Multifamily. He is one of the most in-demand speakers in commercial real estate, a data guru, a process freak, and an outsourcing expert. His disruptive beliefs drive profits for 300+ investors at Grocapitus, an iconic, data-driven commercial real estate investment company. The Grocapitus portfolio spans 9 states with 16 projects and 2,000+ units/beds. ANNA MYERS, Vice-President – Grocapitus Anna applies her 25+ years of experience in technology and business to finding, analyzing, acquiring and asset managing commercial properties in key markets across the U.S. As the lead underwriter for the company, Anna teaches deal analysis for Multifamily University. As the asset manager for the Grocapitus portfolio, Anna brings a data-driven approach to track and insert optimizations to the properties to help drive property performance and investor returns. WHAT IF I CAN’T ATTEND THE LIVE TOWN HALL? You don’t have to be present for the live webinar. Register and watch the replay at your convenience. 🔴 Get the replay https://go.multifamilyu.com/2-TownHall8

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