Planetarium shows: free but tickets required


We have one more daytime planetarium show this semester. Students from the class “Planetarium Operation” will continue to present these shows as their final project. Please join us on Tuesday, Dec. 3 at 3:45PM, for a planetarium show presented by Olive Koren.

Tickets will be available Sunday at 8:00PM at our website:

Olive says:
"This week’s show will be a celebration of 'the little guys' visible in our night sky and Solar System. I will be introducing some constellations, and the lore behind them, that may be difficult to see in a typical night's sky due to their size or apparent brightness. We will then segway into discussing the Solar System and its inhabitants. Our main focus will be dwarf planets - what they are, where they are found, how we classify them, what makes them different than planets and why Pluto is not considered a planet anymore."

This planetarium show will start at 3:45PM in the John R. Kirk Planetarium located in the Coykendall Science Building. Latecomers cannot be seated due to the darkened environment inside the Planetarium, so please arrive on time. Tickets presented after the start time listed on them are void.

For more information and directions, see our website at